Bihar Board 12th Result Science 2019


Bihar Board 12th Result Science 2019 : Bihar Board 12th Result Science 2019 Intermediate Science Result 2019 Bihar board  2019 Scinece Ka Result Kab Aayega Official Date Website Kaise Check Kare.

All the examinations of th bihar board 12th 2019 is over now in all parts of the state and the students are waiting for the result, according to the students all the examination were fine and they were easy to solve, we will let you know how and when you can check your result.


Please Be With Us Till Official Announcement

About The Science Stream : 

Science stream consist of mainly four subjects physics, chemistry,biology or math. Students can take any one i.e math or biology to continue their further educations, 12th examination sonsidered to be important as far as the future of the students is concerned. Students have to study very very hard in order to perform well in all subjects. if we look at the chapters of physics we get so many awesome chapters like Current, Electric Field, Cpaicitance, Maganetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current and electromagnetic wave.

While the second part of physics book contains chapters like ray optics and optical instrument, atoms,nuclei, semiconductors and communications systems.

Similarly we have lots of awesome chapters in biology subjects too. We have reproduction in organism and humans and sexual reproductions, reproductive health,evolution,human health disease, biotechnology,, envirnoment issue ecosystem and many more.
Biology subject also consists of practical examinations of 30 marks.

Chemistry contains some awesome and mind blowing chapters too. These chapters are surface chemistry,The Solid state,electrochemistry, chemical kintetics,p-d block elements and cordination compounds. We also have to study halokens, alchohals,aldehydes and many more organic chapters.

Math’s considered to be one of the toughest subject in 12th it contains all important and significant chapters that result into good and fruitfull concept. We have to studies relations and functions,inverse trignometric functions, determinants and matrices,intrgrals, applications of integrals, applications of derivatives, vector,3d,linear progmramming and probablity.

We wish you all the best for your results, we let you can check the result date or official date of result from our links.

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